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Tachi — Japanese Akita Inu, Female, Puppy Reservation

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Home Name Tachi
Registered Name B'itachi Miryoku Kat
Sex Female
Breed Japanese Akita Inu
Land Of Birth Belarus
Colours Brindle
Birthday 7 MAY 2016
Country of Residence Ukraine
Father Kabutora Go Takai Kensha
Mother Sayuri Hanabatake

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Usually at three months of age, the puppy is ready to leave the kennel.

You can pick up the Puppy in our kennel yourself, or we can help deliver it to your city or country.

If you are abroad, in most cases it is possible to transfer the puppy to your country. Each case is considered individually. It all depends on the laws of your country and the rules of Carriers or Airports. Contact us for more information.

Payment is made in a convenient and accessible way for you, and is accompanied by all necessary documents.


We cannot guarantee the exact date of the puppy's appearance.
But we guarantee that you will get a healthy, purebred, purebred Puppy from the titled champion parents.
And we guarantee a refund if we can't raise the puppy on time.
Buying a puppy in our kennel, you can always count on our help, experience and long friendship.


B'itachi Miryoku Kat — Tachi

One of the most stubborn and obstinate representatives of our cattery, at the same time she likes to participate in all family affairs and feel like a part of the team.

It has one of the brightest and most unusual colors. Brindle, marble or just gray-white suit has a stunningly intimidating effect. Intangible eyes and a look are remembered from the first time.

Bright, energetic and naughty, aristocratic and intelligent - will not leave anyone indifferent.

Very often, without recognizing commands, it perfectly obeys the usual intonation. This is a person who is not accustomed to unconditional conquest without thinking about commands.

Tachi is a leader with a strong character and it is difficult for her to coexist with other tenants of our cattery.


🏆 Titles and Awards


We will add a list of awards in the near future.

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Japanese Tiger Akita Inu puppies can be born in the most unusual patterns and patterns. From pure white to dark marble.



If you would like to have your own Japanese Tiger Akita Inu, we provide a convenient early booking service for puppies in future litters. Make a request on the site, and we will inform you after the birth of the Puppy.

We do not take prepayment for booking puppies, because we cannot guarantee the timing. But we guarantee we will let you know when Puppy meets the world.

It will be possible to pick up the Puppy from the kennel when he reaches the age of 15 weeks (three and a half months), during which the Puppy stays with his mother in our kennel. During this period, you can watch the life of a puppy, its regimen and growing up on social networks. We carry out walks, primary training and socialization of the Puppy.

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