In our kennel you can book a place in the future litter of our Akita Inu, Shiba Inu and Hokkaido or buy an adult Puppy. In any case, you get a Puppy from titled parents with a pedigree.

To purchase a Puppy, it is enough to fill out an application on the website or simply contact us in any way convenient for you. You will receive all the answers you need, and we will try to make the acquisition of your new family member as simple and convenient as possible.

Buying a Puppy in our kennel, you can be sure that he has an excellent pedigree, excellent health, luxurious appearance and corresponds to the declared class.

KOUFUUKUNA❤️INU is an officially registered kennel in FCI and UKU, you can check it yourself on the official websites, so you don't have to worry about your new Pet and our integrity.

If you have any questions or doubts, please contact us, we will be happy to provide all the necessary information.

Below you will find a list of frequently asked questions when buying a puppy.



What documents are issued when buying a Puppy?

  1. We sell Puppies with Pedigree or FCI Puppy Metrics, depending on the age at which the Puppy leaves the kennel.
    If you purchase a Puppy with a Metric, we can help you with paperwork to obtain a Pedigree.
  2. It is obligatory when buying a Dog Sale Agreement or a Puppy Booking Agreement in a future litter, which come into force after making an advance payment.
  3. Documents and screening of all conducted veterinary procedures, vaccination and chipping of the Puppy.



How to book a Puppy in a litter?

Booking a puppy is the most convenient way to prepare for the arrival of a new family member.

You can book a Puppy on our website: on the pages of the puppy's parents, or on the pages that announce future matings and broods. After completing the application, we will inform you of all the necessary additional information.

Also, you can always just contact us by calling, writing or visiting us.

To book a Puppy in a future brood, an Agreement is signed, which enters into force after the subscription is made.

Further, it remains to wait for the age at which the Puppy can leave the Kennel.

The Puppy booking service is not much different from a regular purchase.



When can I pick up a Puppy from the kennel?

After birth, the Puppy can go to its new home at around 14-15 weeks of age. Prior to this, Ono is in the kennel with his mother, undergoing the necessary vaccinations, socialization and primary training and being under the supervision of veterinarians and us.

At this time, you can actively observe the life of the Puppy in our kennel, using the Internet and social networks. Video calls, additional videos and photos of your new pet are possible. It is also possible to visit.



Is it possible to visit the Nursery before buying or booking?

You can always visit our Nursery by arranging a meeting with us. We welcome guests and new acquaintances.



How and when payment is made?

Full payment or advance payment for the purchase or booking of a Puppy is made after signing the Agreement and after your absolute confidence in the desire to have a Dog.

We will provide a convenient and secure payment method on our website or bank details for making a payment.
The rest of the cost is paid when the Puppy leaves the Kennel.



Delivery of a Puppy outside Ukraine

The possibility and cost of transferring a Puppy to the desired country is always considered individually and depends on the legislation of your country, and sometimes on the requirements of airports.

We always do our best to simplify and expedite your meeting with the puppy.



Who are FCI and UKU?

FCI (fr. Fédération Cynologique Internationale) — The International Cynological Federation of Cynologists, created with the aim of developing and protecting cynology and purebred dog breeding. Based in Thuin, Belgium. As of 2019, the federation includes national cynological organizations of 98 countries, including the Ukraine Kennel Union.

UKU (Ukraine Kennel Union) — The only cynological association in Ukraine that is part of the FCI. And this means that documents for a Puppy from UKU will be recognized in any country in the world. Other cynological and other associations of Ukraine do not give such a guarantee.



What is the difference between Pedigree and Puppy Metrics?

The Puppy Metric is the first registration document, a birth certificate, which we issue for each Puppy born when they reach the age of more than 45 days. This document is given to you when buying a Puppy.

The Puppy metric contains complete information about the puppy and its origin. The Puppy Metrics form itself consists of two parts, one of which is subsequently exchanged for a Pedigree in the prescribed manner.

In Ukraine, registration of the Pedigree is carried out by the UKU on the basis of the Puppy Metrics and the Litter Registration Card provided by the UKU department.

The UKU publishes the international Pedigree CERTIFIED PEDIGREE, which is a mandatory document for adoption both within Ukraine and in all member countries of the FCI. When exporting a dog to another country, this pedigree is stamped EXPORT PEDIGREE.




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