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Reservation of Hokkaido Puppies

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Reservation Hokkaido Puppy in the Kennel

If you want to buy a Hokkaido puppy, we offer you the opportunity to book a puppy in one of the future broods of our Pets.

Booking a puppy will allow you to prepare in advance for the arrival of your new Family Member.

We are engaged in professional breeding of Japanese breeds: Akita Inu, Shiba Inu и Hokkaido, carefully selecting pairs to obtain healthy offspring with excellent external data and the right psyche.

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To start the process of buying a Puppy using a booking, just fill out an application on the website or contact us.

The booking procedure provides for the conclusion of the Agreement and the making of the Prepayment.

You will have time to think - you must be absolutely sure of your decision.

If you are going to get a dog for the first time, weigh everything in detail, read all the forums and articles, and only after that make a Puppy Booking.

Hokkaido is a wayward breed, it requires respect, you must be ready to live with Hokkaido.

We will answer all your questions and help you do everything right, the main thing is your strong and confident desire to start Hokkaido and your willingness to compromise!

Reservation is a record of your intention to purchase a Puppy from Champion Parents with a Pedigree for the ring, for breeding or for yourself.

After booking, you will waive the documented guarantee of the possibility of the arrival of your Lover.

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