(jap. 幸福な 犬)
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We are Vasyl and Iryna Boichuk, founders of the Japanese kennel KOUFUKUNA❤️INU.


— Love, care, hobby, home, work ... 🥰😻😍😘


KOUFUKUNA❤️INU — is a family type kennel. It’s our life, pride and happiness. We live together with dogs, so they’re always under supervision. Moreover, video surveillance works on the territory and we can keep an eye on them 24/7.

Our dogs can enjoy freedom as we have such a big terrain and pleasant climate during the year. At night they’re used to sleep at their own aviary’s.

All of them have a high quality food. Diet is rich in protein for supporting their growth at young age and then to maintain muscles in adulthood. In addition to high amounts of protein, dogs need healthy fats, which are the main source of energy.

Fats also help to support the dog's immune system and keep skin and fur in good condition.

We try to do our best for foundation of you future dog!



We are professional breeding Akita Inu,Siba Inu and Hokkaido,carefully select pairs to get healthy generation with excellent appearance and mind.

Koufukuna Inu kennel is located in Ukraine,in the heart of Hydropark. Which is a great opportunity for daily walks with the dogs to keep them in fit.

👉 Here’s contact information and map how to get us.




Our acquaintance with the Ring began with Labrador back in 2003.

Since then, a lot of water has flowed under the bridge and Japanese passions have won. The first Japanese breed of the kennel was the Akita Inu, the last of the Hokkaido.

We actively visit the Ring with all our breeds and pets.

Over the years exhibitions have become an integral part of our lives. We got a lot of experience and are grateful to all those who help us to take part in the Ring.





On our website you can meet our wonderful dogs, as well as purchase or book a Puppy from titled Parents or just get to know KOUFUKUNA❤️INU pets.

We have our own dogs and females for mating, but we also use dogs from other kennels to improve the blood and pedigrees of future puppies. All our Pupils pass the necessary health tests and are tested by offspring. For yourself, for the ring or for breeding, regardless of the purpose for which the Puppy is bought, you can be sure that he will be healthy and correspond to the declared class.

Our graduate puppies live in Ukraine, Canada, Poland, Brazil. If necessary, we try to help deliver the Puppy to your country.

More information about the life of the Nursery can be found on the pages of the site or in our social networks.

We will be glad to all your questions and new acquaintances. We will be happy to help you choose a puppy, tell you how to properly raise it and, if necessary, prepare it for exhibitions.



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