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Akita Inu Puppies For Sale

On this page we list Akita Inu puppies available for purchase or reservation.

Don't be upset if there isn't a puppy to buy right now.

You can always reserve a puppy in future broods our Pets.



If you want to buy a Akita Inu Puppy with a Pedigree from titled parents, we can help with this.

KOUFUKUNA❤️INU — this is a Japanese dog kennel. At the moment we have three of the six Japanese breeds: Akita Inu, Hokkaido and Shiba Inu.

We are located in Ukraine, but our puppies live far beyond the borders of our country. If you are abroad, in most cases it is possible to transfer the puppy to your country. Please contact us for more information. 

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Unfortunately, we have nothing to offer at the moment.